Thursday, November 30, 2006

The perfume

I know... I know... I have taken too much time since the last time I wrote, and though for some of you my dear friends, it may look like I have dissapeared out of the blue, the truth is, that I haven't. I'm sorry about that, but I've been very busy lately... going to the university, and practicing my teaching skills in a high school, are much more exhausting than I had ever thought.

However... as I said, I am still alive, and thus... I keep on doing some fun stuff.

Two weeks ago, I went to the premier of what I consider a really good adaptation: The Perfume [ History of a murderer].

Although I have not had the complete pleasure of reading the book... for I have only read part of it because I lost it... I was really really pleased with this adaptation. All the smells, all the nastiness of the age, all the sickening environments in which Jean Baptist moves, have been perfectly captured into the movie.

One of greatest points of the movie, is Alan Rickman's HUGH performance... he nails the character, and that voice... my god...!!!!! what a voice! Another great point is that it has been partly filmed Catalonia, specially in Barcelona (places such as Plaça St Jaume, C/ Tallers, el Born, el Poble Espanyol appear in the movie...) and in Girona and Figueres. Therefore, some catalan actors such as our international Sergi Lopez, or a woman whose name I can't rememeber, but who plays in " el cor de la ciutat" appear in the movie.

To sum up... I recomend it fervently. It is hugh, and everyone has something to say about it once he/she has seen it.

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José Antonio said...

Totalment d'acord: l'èxit que està aconseguint "El perfume, historia de un asesino" és totalment merescut...

Una història poc convencional (adaptada de forma senzilleta al cine) y uns diners ben invertits en veure-la